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Your DBZ OC lost a limb, after screaming in pain, what is his/her first line about the missing limb? 

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The new dragon ball z movie and new digimon movie
Wed May 6, 2015, 5:34 PM
Sat May 31, 2014, 6:56 PM
So yeah, this still exists eh?
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nederlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand heeft een koning 0_0
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When I say Avatar, I am talking about that kid with the arrow on his head or that tomboy girl, not about some bunch of rapid mutated space smurfs.
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I'll tell you right here right now. Justin bieber is a lil faggy asshole.
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I am Random! I invade random people's shoutbox! You have been Randomized!
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paruparu...i'm jealous of this page...
Tue Oct 18, 2011, 3:47 PM
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hey rage im looking for an artist to draw up a few of my OCs. if you are interested and or willing let me know thanks
Fri Sep 23, 2011, 1:48 AM
*calls the exterminator*
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Whoop whoop moop moop twoot twoot tweedle dee tweedle dee derpaderpherpherp hurrrdurrfurrdurrr
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Cut my pie into pieces, this is my plastic fork. Oven baking, heavy breathing, don't give a fuck if it's berries that I'm eating.
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Journal Entry: Tue May 12, 2015, 12:31 PM

Commissions are still wide open and I haven't had any in a long while so come on in and request a commission~!! I may appear to disappear off the world, but I always return, most of the time I see your message on my phone but prefer to respond back properly when at a desktop. (The size I draw in is A4).

Examples of some of my latest commissions;

Gale the Wolf - Howling at Red Crescent by RageVX Gale the Mighty  Vector Violet by RageVX


Commissions Price List by RageVX

Slots are open! These are the rules;

- I only do Digital Art
- Provide references for your character to simplify your request
- For the moment only one character
No Hentai
No Ecchi
No Racist references of any kind
- I hold the right of rejecting a commission request without need of reason.
- After a request is accepted, a sketch shall be made first and you will recieve a note
after you accepted it, I'll await payment before I shall continue finishing the commission.
-Unless the request is a sketch you will have to pay upfront.
- I cannot provide all drawing styles, so I shall try to make your request in my style.
- I hold the right of changing, removing or adding rules of the commission.
- You shall receive my paypal emailaddress by note after you accepted the sketch unless it is a sketch.

- I do not accept points.

So send in a note with your request!


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Your DBZ OC lost a limb, after screaming in pain, what is his/her first line about the missing limb?
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That moment of realization on Dart's face would've been priceless to those Octolings. Her eyes opened wide, feeling a cold sweat fall down her cheek as she pondered the fact that they knew who she was. Though, as the match ended, Atlas and Byrt rushed over to see if their partner was okay. "Inks.. Inks, wake up! Gah... c'mon you two. We gotta get help." Without even hesitating, Dart picks the male onto her back to head for the teleporter. Still unresponsive Inks is getting picked up and carried by Dart, before she reaches the teleport Inks mutters something before he starts screaming. "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!!!" He starts flailing wildly. Dart flinches and almost drops the Inkling, turning to him with her hands raised in defense, "Whoa, whoa! Calm down, Inks! Yer still on the field." Inks stands in a weird stance ready to punch anyone in the face as he starts blinking a few times and sees Dart raising her hands at him. "Dart? Wait, the field? Did we win?" Inks asks as he remains in the same pose. She was confused, but just the thought that he was... partially okay, gave her a chance to relax, "Yeah, we won. We won the tournament." Dart tried to smile for him, but there was still some clear worry in those golden eyes of hers.
Inks freezes up when he hears they won the tournament, something he had tried to win for a long time. He shakes his head and jumps at Dart shouting. "We won!!!" His arms wrap around her and even kisses her without thinking. He jumps around shouting. "Suck it everyone!!" He starts trampling against the ground still psyched they won the tournament. Did he just... no, no, he was just too excited to think about that. Dart was just frozen in place for a moment to process what just happened. Though, after a moment, she and even their teammates began to jump in victory. "Yeah, we won!" Shouted Atlas as she and her brother hugged one another with joy. The announcer was praising them in their victory, despite not really knowing what was truly going on. The stadium lights suddenly shut down as a couple remain on, all focused on Callie and Marie. "Hayooo everyone, thank you for participating in this year’s Turf War Tournament. We also want to thank all our dear fans and members of the staff." Marie speaks as a megaphone next to her vibrates echoing her words. Of course, during that time, the team teleported out from the map in order to head to the main crowd. Callie continued with her part of the speech, "But with all that casual speech stuff outta the way, let's get this party started! We have some champs here to celebrate with!"

Since the stadium was big enough to house such a concert, they decided on that rather than the usual Plaza.

It was already close to sunset, the music beginning to play as the Sisters prepared for their own part. Dart, however, stood in the crowd with a few of her admiring fans wanting to know her strategies or techniques. She seemed a bit overwhelmed, from the looks of it. Inks walks with his team as he suddenly hears a familiar tune, the Squid Sisters sounding off the concert with the secret song they played during the Zapfish War. A new song to everyone but familiar to him. A lot of fans jump on Inks as they happen to be his school friends. "Get the hell off me you jerks!" Inks shouts as he gets squidpiled. Some even going on and asking if he has a relationship with Dart. With the music playing, most of the crowd ran for the dance floor, all excited to see the sisters perform. Once the crowd left the area where Dart and Inks were, they were next to the last ones to head over. Dart looked over to the blue Inkling and laughed, "You alright over there, bud? Pfffft!" Inks crawls himself from the floor and dusts himself off, having some free space and Dart near him. "Yeah, punks from school who used to roughhouse with me, not a big deal. How about you?" Inks wanders towards the dance floor. Instinctively, she followed him, "Yeah, I'm fine. Old friends who always look to me for advice on their Turf battles." The main song was still going, the sisters dancing up on stage with a few casual low fives to the crowd near the front as they sang their song.
"So..." Inks hides half his face, reaching his hand out to Dart. "Want to dance?" His green eyes looking at Dart's eyes.
Dart immediately felt her heart skip a beat. Not once has anyone asked her to dance, as they figured she was too tough or prideful for that. Though, when Inks asked, she hesitated for a moment before taking his hand with a nod, "S-Sure." Inks walks towards the dance floor more. "Ignore whatever is going to happen." Inks warns as lights shine up focused on them. "Ladisquids and gentlesquids, we have made a special song for a certain occasion we expected to have come later. As we can see, two members of the winning team have become a couple." Marie shouts as the music stops in the back ground "Oh my god Marie, shut the hell up!" is heard from inks. "For our lovely OTP couple Inks and Dart, we have created this special love song." Marie continues. If anything, Dart's tentacles hung over her eyes, but that didn't hide the red blush across her face. That didn't hide the clenched fist she was shaking towards the sisters on stage. Even the Inklings that assumed correctly about the two all went along with either a friend or their own loved one for the next dance. "Heehee~! Sorry, you two! We couldn't resist!" Callie said through the mic as the music began to start at a slow pace. Inks' face is mixed so much with hate and blushing it's confused on what shade of red to take, he decides just to ignore it and hold Dart close and starts dancing to the music. Dart's emotions were all over the place. Being the center of attention like this caused that blush to increase, but only in heat rather than consuming her face. She seemed nervous at the time, her eyes still hidden as she and Inks swayed along with the music. The crowd watching Inks and Dart dance cheer out, even the funky twins can't hold back and shout along saying they knew it would happen. Inks ignores his surrounding and smiles at Dart trying to hide her face still, he presses his forehead against his. "Have some fun will you, look around, the ground is boring." The closer he got, the harder her heart was beating. She had never felt this emotion before due to her life work.

When Inks spoke, Dart opened her eyes to see how close he really was. "I... y-yeah, sorry. I'm good, I'm good." Just then, she placed her hands on his shoulders as they danced along. Inks dances more when Dart rests her hands on his shoulders. "Guess the girl with the plan, finally has none." Inks snickers as he gives an honest smile. Dart couldn't help but grin, holding Inks close as they danced. She apparently had enjoyed the moment so much, "Oh shut up." She stated, not even thinking when she gave him a similar kiss as he did before. Inks silently freaking out as Dart kisses him, thoughts shooting through his mind as the crowd loses control from the kiss, Inks goes with it and kisses Dart back.

"Our champions are really letting themselves go." Marie shouts, the party and concert keeps going.

On the top of the stadium, Octana watches with a smirk. "They really are, but for how long?" She starts giggling as she disappears.
Back in the lobby...

"Really? But why would they be here?" Asked Byrt.
"They're probably after something." Atlas added.

"I'm not sure, but be on yer guard, you two. They're the final match for us. Treat it like it was a regular match." Dart replied. "Most important of all watch out for the b*Siren* with one part purple in her hair, see her, run away." Inks warns as he holds his Roller and heads into the teleporter, uncertain if this match will be his last. Before he could teleport away to the main area, Dart grabs his arm and looks him in the eyes, "Look, I dunno what yer plan is, but I saw how you reacted before... if it's somethin' personal, I wanna be there to help you out." She paused, glancing away for a moment before looking him in the eyes again, "I just... want ya to be careful, alright?" Inks looks back into Dart's eyes seeing how concerned she is. He holds her shoulders and looks back. "Listen, I've fought armies of Octarians, huge ass Octoweapons, and these crazy Octolings all on my own with an old fart talking over the communicator. Having you and the flunkies around puts me more at ease than the Squid Sisters ever did." "Inks, I've lived as an Octoling for years... I know how they work just as much as you do." She narrowed her eyes, despite the worry still seen in them. "I've seen Inklings get hurt and taken away from their friends and family." She grit her teeth, "I'd rather not that happen again... not to Atlas, Byrt, or even you." Seeing Dart getting more concerned of the horrors she has seen, Inks pulls her towards him, wrapping his arms around her. "Geez, you worry too much. I'm a tough egg to crack y’know and like I said, I got you and the flunkies to call out when I feel like I'm in any danger."
Dart didn't expect that physical contact. She wasn't much used to it with others as she was with Daggz. Though, without much hesitation, she returned the favor with her arms around him. She clears her throat and soon lets him go, crossing her arms with a bit of a grump look, "Sorry. I got a little carried away..."
"It's ok, don't let them get to you." Inks responds, he turns to walk to the teleport and stops to look back at Dart pointing at her with a smirk. "And don't be grumpy, that's my job." He jumps into the teleport and disappears. Dart blinks, grinning soon after. She urged her teammates to follow, heading for the teleporter.

Moments later, they arrived on the far end of the field, Dart holding her brush up like a staff, looking over to the opposite side, despite them not able to see the other team. Atlas and Byrt, both armed with shooters, both shook hands to keep themselves pumped up. "Any strategy?" Inks asks as he awaits the countdown to start. Dart had her thinking face on, kneeling down with her brush up like a crutch as she spoke, "We're dealin' with an octo here... but no matter what, they're still weak to enemy ink, as any match would normally go." She looked up to Inks, "If anythin', treat this as a normal match. If you happen to cross her, just fire away. No sense in taking the match personal and possibly cause a riot of some kind. Just go for it." As soon Dart finishes, the countdown finishes and the start signal echoes. Inks, shoots forward and tries to cover as much as possible as quick as possible to charge up his special, as soon his ink tank threatens to be empty, he shoots backwards turning into a squid and swims around checking out the area. "It's a bit too quiet here." Inks mutters as he leaps out and inks more of the area before jumping back, missing a purple inked spot, an Octoling steps out and snickers. "How adorable, he's getting more careful, but don't you worry my little squid, your time will come. Dart and Byrt were already halfway into the map, covering as much of the territory as possible. Dart up front splatting the enemy team while Byrt covered up the area. He grinned and jumped onto a railing, shooting more of the uncovered spots.

Atlas stayed behind in a close range to Inks, using her special to throw suction bombs around as a means to cover more ground. Of course, she threw one in the Octoling's direction, but didn't really notice at first. Spotting Atlas, Inks shoots past her moving forward to cover more ground, he walks around and notices hardly any purple ink. "Are they even trying?" He turns around and comes face to face with the Octoling with a purple tentacle. She looks at him with narrow eyes with a smirk. Inks instantly jumps backward looking at her. "Hello there my little squid. It's been suuuch a long time hasn't it?" The Octoling speaks as she rests a fist on her side. "Why are you in Inkopolis and in this tournament, Octana?" The Octoling giggles and speaks slowly with a slight sigh. "Oooh, you do remember who I am, you just warm my cold heart up."

Getting more annoyed by Octana, Inks gets ready to turn into a squid and head to the others, but Octana aims her gun and starts shooting and covers all the exits. "No no, you're all mine." Octana teases, Inks about to open his mouth and echo for help gets interrupted by Octana's finger on his lip. "Such a bad squid, fine, I'll let you go at the moment, but... The match is still long." Atlas couldn't help but almost lose her balance when the Octoling showed up outta nowhere. Once she regained it, she aimed her gun at the Octoling as a threat to shoot. Listening in until the conversation almost turned the wrong way, Atlas was about to fire until the Octoling decided to turn and run.

"What was that all about?" The Inkling blinked, lowering her weapon.

Meanwhile, on a ledge, Dart kept her eyes on the opponents, watching as they were heading for her and Byrt. Urging her partner to scout the other side, Dart jumped down to speed around the opponents in the attempt to splatter them. After Octana disappears, he sees Atlas lowering her weapon and walking towards him. "Someone who I know and is very dangerously sly. Be on your toes and be careful of your surroundings, distrust any purple ink spot and cover it up." Inks says as he heads out to ink more in the tournament. "Why is she here, why now? Is she trying to get rid of anyone who was involved in the Zapfish War?" Inks wonders loudly, before heading off to an unmarked area high on top, he inks the walls swiftly shooting upwards. "Right!" Atlas goes to her squid form, swimming off to another unmarked part of the map, doing as he said along with inking any spot they missed. At this point, the map was partially in their favor. This last team was already good, as most were heading for their territory to get them back. Dart quickly dashed her way back to rid their base of the opponent. Once there, she hid in a safe corner to launch an Inkstrike right over the base to splatter the two raiding it. Dart grinned and continued her marking of their side.
Inks turns around seeing an Inkstrike being launched as a mocking laugh echoes when the attack strikes down, suddenly the area around Inks starts to get inked purple fast as the Octolings start to team up. Purple ink shoots and flies around as Inks tries to avoid them and sometimes hides in his own color to get rid of theirs. Driven into a corner he sees two Octolings laughing in unison as they step closer. Slowly shooting at him but missing, the counter getting closer to zero, Octana suddenly stands between the two Octolings. "Awww little squid, you didn't squirm as much as I wanted." She sighs and pouts slightly, she smirks innocently. "Oh well." She snaps her fingers and disappears once again. The two Octolings jump at Inks not giving him time to use his hidden N-Zap. "Damnit." Inks growls, he folds his Roller and swings it like a blade dashing past them as two loud splats are heard, Inks stands up instantly as he suddenly feels something sting in his neck, his hand smacking against it feeling something break and looks at his hand, he instantly runs towards his teammates to make sure they are safe.
"We have 'em on the ropes! Keep it up!"

Byrt and Atlas were together once more, charging forward with their shooters to keep the opponents back. Upon spotting Inks from a distance, Dart rushes over to him in squid form before popping up with her brush in hand, "We got 'em cornered, Inks. Just thirty more seconds and this tournament is ours." She grinned.
Inks sees the rest of his team being safe and keeps running as he sees Dart swim towards him, the surrounding is starting to get blurry and spinning, He missteps and falls forward against Dart, his arms hanging paralyzed the sound around him becoming fainter and fainter as a light buzzing noise is heard. "You think the Zapfish War was the last time you'd see the Octarians? You were right little squid. We Octolings will be the new rulers of this world, I am so going to enjoy seeing what you will become." The muffled sounds of Dart's voice calling his name were getting more and more fainter for him. She held him up to the point where she had to kneel down in order to keep him from falling. The female looked over with a dark glare across her face, staring the Octoling down as she spoke, "What the hell did you DO to him?!" She shouted. Atlas and Byrt still had their weapons drawn, ready to splat the Octos where they stood.
Octana starts laughing and looks at Dart. "My my, does my little squid have a girlfriend? Interesting, to your question. Oh, hummm, I don't know, just a little something we threw together, injected into his body." Octana turns as the siren sounds declaring the end of the match and takes a few steps before looking back at Dart. "Don't bother trying to hide among us again. We know who you are 'daughter' of Daggz."


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